Les DOigts de l'homme

THe worlds best gypsy jazz band...Period                         

THe Intercontinental Hot Club All Stars  

A beautiful marriage of europe and america in the ORIGINAL 1930's configuration 


BEN POWELL England:   "the Grappelli of this generation"   NPR 

ROCH LOCKYER USA/Canada:  "It's one thing to copy Reinhardt, but quite another to play as an imagined COntemporary which lockyer does"   THe vinyl anarchist Magazine

Introducing Miss Anaelle:  Making waves at clubs and festivals as one of paris's brightest young Chanteuse

Gage Hulsey:  An upstart, Gage has already made a name for himself as a go-to rhythm man for the likes of John Jorgenson, gonzalo bergara and others.

will Dickerson:  rounding out the traditional hot club instrumentation is another young upstart. will was roomates with denis chang and studied with the likes of bireli lagrene & sebestian gineaux